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With this result, the Portuguese forward reached 2
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SUJET: With this result, the Portuguese forward reached 2
   27/02/18 à 07:13 #3563
 With this result, the Portuguese forward reached 2
BEIJING Air Max 90 Sale , June 14 (Xinhuanet) -- There are mixed views on whether football's premier event will score a goal for the Brazilian economy. Some analysts say the World Cup has already benefited Brazil by attracting hordes of foreign tourists, creating a pitch-full of new jobs and jump-starting numerous small businesses.

However, rating agency Moody’s is giving Brazil’s economic gains from the tournament a yellow card. The agency says that’s because the World Cup is benefiting only a few economic sectors and that ongoing strikes, protests Air Max 2017 Sale , and holidays are causing losses. Moody’s says, too, that revenues from the tourism sector and Brazil’s share of advertising revenues from the games will be too small to give a major kick to the national economy.

(Source: CNTV)

By Ben Ochieng

NAIROBI, Feb. 21 (Xinhua) -- Go-Karting is a sport that is currently garnering pace in Kenya. The karting race is the closest one can get to the thrill of Formula One competition in the country.

The increasing number of both the young and adults has resulted in the construction of international standards Go-Kart tracks in the Kenyan cities of Nairobi Air Max 2018 Sale , Mombasa and Nakuru to cope up with the increasing influx of devotees.

The tracks have become breeding grounds for Go-Kart drivers looking to make professional racing careers.

Professional Formula One drivers such as David Coulthard, Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichelo are among some of those who started out in local karting circuits.

Sameer Nanji is a member of the Rift Valley Motor and Sport Club located in Nakuru, 159kms east of Nairobi where his father Mehboob Nanji is the chairman.

Though he resides in the Kenyan capital city of Nairobi, Sameer travels to Nakuru whenever there is a race on the cards.

"I practice regularly and learn my karting lines well so that in the subsequent race Air Max Sale , I can advance further up the grid," 11-year old Sameer told Xinhua on Friday.

"I am looking forward to taking my karting career a notch higher in 2014 by giving my finest performance and enhance my driving skills on the track."

Go-Karting picked up in the mid 1950s in the United States, when a few individuals decided to hold impromptu races while driving cars with engines extracted from other machines.

Art Ingells is credited as being the founder of Go-Karting. In 1956 he used a rope steering wheel and lawn mower engine to build a kart for his son.

Go-Karting in Kenya was introduced in 1977 with the opening of the GP Karting track in the outskirts of Nairobi. In 2004 Mombasa welcomed its track. The two are under different management.

"Our karts have a remote controlled limiter so we can even allow kids as young as six to drive safely without injuring themselves," said Mehboob Nanji Nike Air Max 90 Sale Clearance , chairman of the Rift Valley Motor and Sports Club.

"Safety is a major priority and meticulous precautions are undertaken by staff to ensure that races run safely."

Drivers are provided with jump suits and helmets while the cars are enforced with front end core bumpers. Racing rules and regulations as well as track etiquette are explained, especially to first timers, before basic training on driving the kart is given.

"For younger children, one of our technicians will seat beside the rider until he is sure the child can steer the kart properly on his own Nike Air Max 2017 Sale Clearance ," Nanji said.

As one gets into their kart and sit down, the marshals provide one with last minute instructions to make sure you are compliant and ready to take the kart on the track.

The kart can be confusing to drive, especially for the first timers. It has no clutch, just an acceleration and brake pedal; one accelerates with the right foot and brakes with the left.

On a typical racing day at the Nakuru track Nike Air Max 2018 Sale Clearance , the karters go through a qualifying round which determines the individual karters starting position in the line-up.

There are four categories for the karting races; 50cc Class, 60cc Class, Rotax Junior (previously known as KF3), and KF2 Class. The 50cc and 60cc classes do 15 laps in each heat while the other two classes do 20 laps each.

All the racers have 10 minutes as practice time before the main heats and their best time is taken as their qualifying time.

"It requires concentration to maneuver the small vehicle across the track but also relaxing at the same time. The rush of adrenaline as you take sharp bends at high speeds provides lots of excitement Nike Air Max Sale Clearance ," Sameer narrated the ecstatic feeling one derives on the track.

"It is the closest one can come to a Lewis Hamilton or Michael Schumacher of the Formula One fame. It is not only a sport for experienced adult drivers but is enjoyed children as young as five years."

Speed limits are usually controlled depending on the age and experience level of the racer, though most makes of the karts range between 50 and 60kmh.

The kart has a low center of gravity, hence reducing and almost eliminating the chance of a roll over.

The road surface is almost at eye level and more control of the steering wheel is required because the smooth tyres do not provide grip on the surface as treaded vehicle tyres.

On average the karts cost between 2,500 and 7 Air Max 90 Sale Clearance ,000 U.S. dollars. Both the Nairobi and Nakuru tracks open between 9am and 10pm whereas the Mombasa one opens at 4pm and closes at 10pm, owing to the coastal heat.

By Sportswriter Xu Zheng

BEIJING, March 23 (Xinhua) -- Animated by the success of the 2016-2017 season, Chinese Volleyball League (CVL) organizers are looking to boost the sport in China, pushing forward all-round cooperation with partners and making more achievements, a top Chinese volleyball official has said.

With the country's top volleyball league recording positive growth this season, officials say they now hope to have more clubs involved, see more star players emerge and also achieve good results. Authentic NHL Jerseys Cheap Baseball Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China NHL Jerseys China MLB Jerseys Free Shipping Adidas NHL Jerseys From China New NFL Jerseys Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys China College Baseball Jerseys Cheap Replica Jerseys From China
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